An article in this week’s Design Week caught my eye. KFC is planning to roll out a new interior look to their fast food restaurants from Spring 2015. And I have to say, I rather like it.
The new look involves ‘brick-effect’ walls, arty graphics and a much more contemporary style to furniture. It not only brings the chain into the 21st century at last, but it also makes me realise just how tired and cliched the old/existing interiors were/are. I am not a regular visitor to KFC, but occasionally nothing quite beats those southern state spices – generally after a previous night of boozing. Now, with a more homely and less corporate look and feel to the chain, I think KFC starts to sit far more comfortably among some of the more recent arrivals on the high street. I would (hopefully) anticipate a degree of change to be seen on the menu. Perhaps more healthy options, to tackle the stigma of greasy food that KFC has attracted over the past few decades? It’s also gratifying to see an in-house team come up with the goods, even if they did have just a small piece of outside help… and even if they are somewhat late in realising something needed doing.

Time will obviously tell, but could this be the end of the “Unlucky Fried Kittens” days?