Web Design

Just Us creates mobile-friendly, user-centric websites.

Above and beyond the content and creative look of any site, our aim is to ensure it provides a smooth, simple user experience, is structured in the right way and is easy to navigate. Whether your audiences are using a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop device to view your site, you need to know they are seeing you in the best light, and your website is working hard for you.

We enjoy developing online solutions for our clients. It obviously appeals to the geekiness in us, and allows our creative work to become, if not quite three-dimensional, a lot more ‘alive’. Have a look at some examples now.

We offer:

  • Web design
  • Content writing
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Healthchecks
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

You’re in complete control

We’ve dabbled in all areas of the web, and we now favour WordPress as our main platform, due largely to the fact it is the widest used platform in the world and is supported by tens of thousands of plugins that allow the addition of extra functionality. Plus, if you choose to use another developer to help you in the future, they will almost certainly know their way around WordPress, so you won’t be hitting any dead ends to make you regret your investment in us. If you want to make changes to your site on your own, the way we configure our websites also means you can make them quickly and easily, without needing our involvement (but we are always available to help if needed).


Depending on the nature of your business, search engine optimisation might not appear to be so vital for you. Some visitors may well come to your site following a referral from a friend or colleague, but many others will be finding it through links from other sites, through social media, or indeed through a search engine. SEO is not just about trying to convince Google your web pages are valuable, and it makes sense to optimise your site to make sure social media and third party sites are also aware of it, which in turn will help with your rankings on regular search engines.

If we have created your site, you can also rest assured that it is built and written in a way that attracts search engines. If we are new to your website and did not build it ourselves, we can also provide an Online Healthcheck Service in which we can check not just the way your site is built and written, but also look at your presence on social media and other factors, to establish how effective your site is and how effective you are being in creating traction for search engines. Our recommendations have helped many of our clients to rise up the rankings quickly and extremely cost-effectively.

All the bells and whistles?

Every website is different. Big sites or small sites, they get the same degree of attention from us. The priority is to establish a strong web presence for you that helps to set you apart and allows for future growth. A simple brochure site might involve just a handful of fairly simple pages, whilst a full e-commerce site can extend to hundreds of pages, with a secure payment system integrated. Sites might include additional features and functions such as videos, calculators, callback forms, secure member areas, photo or document upload areas, XML feeds and a whole lot more. In each case we ensure it does what it’s supposed to do for you.

Hosting and ongoing assistance

We not only design and build websites, we look after them for you. By signing up to an annual Hosting Agreement with us, we can ensure your site always runs the latest versions of software and remains up-to-date, and stays on the right side of the search engines (for example, Google in particular is now penalising sites that are not encrypted and mobile-friendly, and their search algorithms seem to change as regularly as one’s proverbial socks). We also offer a Maintenance Agreement which covers just the technical assistance side, without the hosting. Just ask us for details.

Similarly, as part of our In-house Marketing Agency service, we can tend to your website and make updates to its core files and public pages on a regular basis, writing and adding blog posts, and integrating it with social media and email marketing activities – all within our standard fee.

Next steps

Speak to us. We don’t charge for an initial chat to explore a project’s scope, and we are always happy to discuss a website and make suggestions about what could, or shouldn’t, be done. Call David Merrifield on 01934 820854 now or send him a message.