In-house Marketing Agency

For many of our clients, Just Us provides an affordable and effective In-house Marketing Agency service in which we become more involved with an organisation, often being privy to strategic plans at board level and advising on how the organisation might achieve those plans with the help of some effective marketing.

The service is particularly well suited to small to medium sized organisations which:

  • Recognise the need to sort out their marketing properly
  • Realise they do not have the skills or resources available to do it themselves

Our clients are varied, but in each case they have realised that Just Us’s In-house Marketing Agency service offers them a solution that far exceeds their other options, which were to ‘muddle through’ themselves or to recruit a Marketing Assistant or Marketing Manager.

Our In-house Marketing Agency service

  • Gives you on-tap marketing know-how
  • Provides broad marketing experience
  • Saves you money
  • Will generate a return on investment

It will save you thousands. Guaranteed.

The temptation to recruit a Marketing Assistant or Marketing Manager to look after your marketing can be strong. But it comes at a price, in terms of both money and time. Issues you need to think about will include:

  • What salary will we need to pay someone?
  • Do we take on a marketing person part-time or full-time? Do we have enough of a requirement to actually need a full-time marketeer in the business?
  • What skills should they have? Will they be a marketing executive who can help to manage the creative process, or will they also have the required design and creative skills in their repertoire?
  • What other overheads will be involved with employing them (typically including motoring costs, phone bills, electricity, office consumables etc.)
  • How much commercial sector experience will the person we can afford actually have? Will they be able to add value to the board’s decision-making process?
  • How much time will I or my team need to spend overseeing them and managing them?
  • What expertise and experience do we need this marketing person to have? Will they have experience across the board, from brand management through to literature design, email marketing and website content creation?
  • Will we still be required to spend a lot on outside creative resources in addition to this person’s salary?

The answers to most to these questions are unique to each organisation’s situation, but our clients will testify that for them, it has proved to be far more cost-effective to use Just Us’s In-House Marketing Agency service than to employ someone who would have cost them more and would have been less experienced and almost certainly less effective.

We are so confident of this that we guarantee it. When compared to the recruitment of a Marketing Assistant or Marketing Manager, the costs involved with paying Just Us to take care of your marketing (in both time and money) on a reduced monthly fee/retainer will provide better returns for you.

With Just Us now on board, we have received far more enquiries through our website than we ever did before. Social media, email marketing, direct mail and websites are all now integrated. Just Us have certainly been a good investment for our marketing needs.

Rachel Finch

Partner, Burton Sweet

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We have the right skills

Effective marketing requires a number of skills, not least of which is a passion for making a real difference to an organisation’s success.

Alongside this passion, Just Us also possesses the other skills required:

  • A strategic and analytical approach to marketing and communications
  • Broad sector experience gleaned from many years of working with large businesses
  • Multi-disciplined creative experience allowing an integrated approach to be deployed
  • Creative flair and imagination

Next steps

Tell us what you’re thinking. We would be happy to discuss your business’s marketing requirements, propose a level of input from Just Us that would make the difference you seek, and prepare an estimate of the budget you would need to allocate. Call David Merrifield on 01934 820854 now or send him a message.