Graphic Design

We have helped our clients with all aspects of design over the years, and because we offer copywriting and strategic thinking as part of the mix, you can be certain that we don’t just make things look ‘really creative’ – they actually communicate your messages clearly and effectively.

Which is rather the point of design…

For many clients, the days of producing a corporate brochure are long gone. We are more likely to create a digital PDF version than to print one, but the design principles are the same. Well structured messages, easy-to-navigate design and a strong creative edge are common to everything we do.

We can help you with:

  • Literature
  • Stationery
  • Exhibitions and display
  • Signage and building dressing
  • Point-of-sale
  • Packaging

Print expertise

Unsurprisingly, most of the agency’s activities these days tend to focus on the internet and digital marketing, but our graphic design pedigree gives us a significant advantage over those with less experience of print technology. We understand what litho and digital printing can (and can’t) do for a project, we know one end of a five-colour Heidelberg press from the other, and we know what print finishing involves. If you’re looking for high quality creative print, we can make sure you get it.

It needn’t be puzzling

If you know your RGB from your CMYK, you’ll appreciate how important it is to work with a consultancy with genuine breadth of experience. And if you don’t, perhaps you should share your design briefs with someone who does. It can save hours of heartache (not to mention thousands of pounds).

We are proud brand custodians

The look and feel of every piece of communication must, of course, adhere to the core principles and values underlying any brand, from the size and location of a logo to the typography, colour palette, image style and tone of voice of the piece. Just Us has worked with many larger brands, and we not only understand the need for consistency, we actively insist on it, ensuring that your communications reinforce your brand’s identity and reassures your audiences.

Find out more about our brand development experience.

Next steps

If you have a design project up your sleeve and want an experienced design team to help you to realise it, give David Merrifield a call on 01934 820854 now or send him a message. We’d be happy to add value to your project.

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Having Just Us as part of the team has helped in the recent growth of our business. They look after our website and social media, as well as all our literature and email campaigns. They've even designed the signage and interior dressing of our offices.

Simon Harper

Owner, Harper Construction Recruitment Ltd