Brand Development

From standalone brand identities to brand extensions and sub-brands, we’ve worked with both small and large businesses to ensure their investment in brand development pays dividends, supporting and underpinning their other marketing endeavours.

A well managed brand can set you apart from your competition and engender loyalty and respect from your customers. You only have to consider the likes of Nike (their trainers are much like many others) or Mercedes (they make similar cars to several other marques) to see what a consistently managed brand can do for people’s opinions. As someone once said, a BMW can get you from A to B in style… but a Mercedes says you’ve arrived!

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  • Brand identity development
  • Brand hierarchy planning
  • Brand extensions
  • Sub-brands
  • Brand guidelines
  • In-house brand workshops
  • Team brand training

What makes a strong brand?

The best brands – and this is true of Nike, Mercedes and many others – have two vital factors in common:

  • Relevance – the brand needs to tap in to its audience’s key needs and desires. You need to understand what motivates your customers
  • Consistency – it should behave and sound like it knows itself. Acting out of character, or saying something out of character, can confuse people

The brand toolkit

A brand carries with it the values of a business and makes an implicit promise to its customers of what can be expected from it. Get it right, and you can create a unique personality that stands head and shoulders above others in the same space. Get it wrong, and nobody will see your brand for the vital, engaging and indispensable thing you hope people will see it as.

Much more than a logo, a good brand is made up of several elements:

  • Logo – this is typically the starting point, and it needs to convey the spirit of the brand
  • Colours – it is always best to stick to a consistent colour palette
  • Typography – you should make use of a small number of typefaces and styles
  • Imagery – the style of images can become synonymous with your brand
  • Language – your tone of voice and the way you speak to customers is often overlooked
  • Design Elements – these might be graphic devices like background shapes to text, icon styles and even literature formats. They all convey your brand identity

In every aspect of what you say and do, using your brand toolkit consistently is vital. You might choose to deviate from an imagery style or employ a particular design style for a particular campaign, but the principle values that your brand stands for need to be evident at all times.

Brand guidelines, seminars and workshops

If the people dealing with your brand don’t have a concise, thorough breakdown of what it stands for, and how the brand toolkit should be used, you run the risk of your core identity becoming watered down and drifting sideways as people gradually start ‘messing’ with the rules as time goes by. Your wider business team also needs to understand the DNA of your business in order to deploy it consistently within their daily work lives.

Just Us can not only develop a brand identity for you, we can also provide assistance for your own team or those dealing with the brand to use it consistently. We have delivered seminars and workshop sessions for clients such as Orange and Lloyds TSB in order to ‘educate’ key personnel about the brand, and have created brand identity guidelines documents that explain the dos and don’ts, and detail the way the tools should be used.

Next steps

Talk to us about your brand, or share with us your ideas for launching new products or services that might merit some work around brand extensions or sub-brands. Call David Merrifield on 01934 820854 now or send him a message.