If you are looking for a way to use Google Chrome to test out CSS changes without constantly deleting cookies and refreshing the screen then read on!

Google Rage

I used to love Google Chrome, then something happened. I found that it was getting increasingly difficult to design and hack around websites and see the changes happen in real time. I found I was constantly refreshing, always having to delete cookies and then it would magically appear, leaving me to have login to the various sites again. Very frustrating! It seems to be something that is annoying a lot of developers around the interwebs judging by the forum posts I’ve seen.

It’s a mirage

Dev Tools Cache

I thought that there was a solution built into Chrome Developer Tools when I chanced upon a check box marked “disable cache”. I merrily ticked the box, but nothing really changed. Then I realised I needed to have the Dev Tools open when I was checking through stuff. Not really a workable solution when you’re not using them to change things. Still, it was a step in the right direction.

Peaceful solution

I have now discovered a great plugin called Cache Killer, which is available on the Chrome Store. This is the answer to all you devs out there who find Chrome will hold onto the cached version of a file no matter how many times you refresh or what type of refresh you do. When activated, it purges the cache every screen refresh, allowing you to see that pretty border you’ve put around the div element or recoil in horror at the gradient you thought would look super cool only to realise it’s a dog with fleas.