Right, straight away, let me get this out there. This is NOT my cup of tea.

I am a fan of art. Actual paintings that take thought and provoke thought. But this new collection by David Ostrowski is simply terrible. (see what i did there)

Paintings that contain little more than a few crudely sprawled spray can lines or blocks of rough paint on white or black backgrounds. Bluergh. The artist claims that the works are him ‘trying to reduce his own decision making and let his physical actions rule’. Nonsense. Its modern art drivel, in my opinion.

I suppose, viewing these barren artworks in an equally barren space would make the viewer really tune in to the marks that have actually been made. But this to me is rather defeatist of the point in the art, as you spend more time looking at the building surrounding the works as the architecture is more exciting! Well there we are. You may well have your own opinion on modern art and works such as these. The views above are just my initial thoughts on what seem to be rather plain works of art that dont’t really show the effort put into them than works by the painting greats would have.

A rant by Nick.
Images from http://www.weheart.co.uk/