Mounting Synology drives on to a Mac via AFP

Sep 22, 2019

I know… sexy, right? The thing is that it is actually important to connect to the hard drive with the right protocols to ensure that you don’t get any errors when accessing folders on the network drive. I was finding that I was unable to rename folders in Synology and certain files were not being removed when I deleted them.

The good thing is that it is ridiculously easy to do this. You just need to change the way that you are connecting the Mac to your Synology Drive.


Computers being the clever little gizmos that they are these days, can connect to a network in a number of ways. Typically both Apple and Microsoft came up with their own protocols, SMB and AFP. SMB is Microsoft’s and stands for Server Message Block and AFP is Apple Filing Protocol. Apple had to learn to play nicely with SMB as Microsoft dominates the PC Office world to such an extent. However, they didn’t make it work exactly as Microsoft intended, so you get creeping little errors that don’t completely break the system, but cause you headaches in the weirdest way.

Luckily, Synology drives can communicate via AFP as well, so you just need to make sure that your Mac is connecting using AFP protocols by following these simple commands:

  • Connect to Server by either pressing + K or in the Finder menu bar at the top click on Go -> Connect to Server
  • When the box pops up, type the IP address and folder you want to map to into the Server address using afp at the beginning i.e.
  • Click Connect and enter your username and password if you’re asked to
  • Once the drive has mounted to your desktop you can check that it has connected using the AFP protocol by clicking on the drive on your desktop top and either using + I or File -> Get Info from the menubar. It should say Server: afp://etc on the second line in General
  • Once you’re happy that the connection is correct, open the Users panel in System Preferences and go to login items
  • Then you can drag the mounted drive on your desktop to the login items list and it will auto populate with that connection so the next time you login, the server will connect using AFP.


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Charlie Evans is Digital Guru at Just Us Agency.