At Just Us we have what I can only describe as a love-hate relationship with Social Media. It’s almost certainly of value in any business’s activity, but to what degree, and in what context, it is incredibly hard to know.

When it comes to recruiting staff, a recent report published by enterprise cloud recruitment software specialist, Eploy, has questioned the importance of social media. The report found that 78% of in-house recruitment teams currently use social media to source their candidates, compared to 94% of recruitment agencies. Significantly, however, both types of recruitment teams alike are struggling to get quality candidates of sufficient volume through social media channels.

Regularity is key

Something we repeatedly tell our clients is that, whilst short term accountability and results might be difficult to establish, regular use of social media is something that definitely encourages more positive engagement with your business by the outside world and, in the case of Google and other search engines, you are likely to be more ‘on the map’ generally!

The Eploy report stresses the importance of regularly using social media channels to improve candidate attraction, and those teams that use social media on a daily basis reported both a higher quality of candidate and increased quality, compared with organisations who use it weekly or even monthly.

The same is likely to be true of just about any other type of social media activity. Without burying people in your inane and repeated interruptions to their lives on social media, a regular and relevant use of the right channels will go a long way to attracting the interest of the right people to your business.

I should perhaps put my own hands in the air and acknowledge at this point that we do not necessarily practise what we preach here at Just Us. Our clients are the focus of our activities, and our own social media activity is sporadic at best (note to self – must do better here). However, we regularly upload posts on our clients’ behalves, tweet and retweet, like and share stuff. As part of our packaged social media management service, we are active roughly every other day for those of our retained clients who have opted for this service. It’s a level of service we believe is about right, and it’s something we do rather well, I think.

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