Bimeda Animal Health has just received the Merrifield treatment on their FLEE household spray.

Not our typical area of work, FLEE is also at arm’s length from the majority of Bimeda’s other products. The business is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers and distributors of veterinary pharmaceuticals, with both large and small animal practices in their sights. Much of their work is targeted at agricultural animal husbandry rather than the care of domestic pets.

We were invited to look at how we might improve the firm’s marketing communications for FLEE, an aerosol spray that pet owners can use to treat their homes, curtains, pet bedding and more. The product was not selling badly, but its potential was much bigger and its differentiation from the competitors was not as clear as was needed.

Our solution was to assess precisely what those differentiating factors were, coming to the conclusion that FLEE’s chief method of working (coating the flea, its larvae and pupae with an invisible silicone ‘glue’ to immobilise them) was in fact the main factor that set FLEE apart from the various insecticides and pesticides that exist on the market. More crucially, we discovered that those competitors required that a user vacuumed their home vigorously for a few days after spraying so that the pupae would hatch and be overcome by the residual pesticide or insecticide present in the home. FLEE’s silicon coating, however, rendered the pupae immobile, so it is more efficient and requires less effort om the part of the user.

We quickly set about writing a trade brochure and a customer-facing leaflet that highlighted the features and benefits of the product, and ended up creating some of the most densely fact-filled examples of literature we have ever produced at Merrifield. They are now being used by the sales team, along with a bespoke PowerPoint presentation that we created to enable reps to engage more effectively with their customers in the veterinary practices.