I have been wondering recently about creativity, and how great life is being a designer.
But one thing keeps popping into my head from time to time, and that is… time. As designers, art workers, illustrators, photographers and other creative thinkers, we are expected to create wonderful things that are both in their nature right for the purpose but also creative. All of this is expected in a time slot, to a deadline. But can creativity really flourish when constrained by time? Or do these constraints actually push creativity further?

One quote that gets thrown around a bit is that “constraints drive creativity”. The idea that actually having constraints forces you to think differently about the issue at hand, and therefore come up with a completely different outcome than you may have done with no constraints. But are these outcomes better?

I’m sure every ‘creative’ has thought to themselves if only I had more time this project could be so much better. But could it? Would you really solve that problem for your client better if you had more time, or would you go off piste and create something outlandish that had little to do with the original brief?

In my mind it is a two way battle. Creative people will always want to be able to spend the time they feel needed to really be ‘creative’ on a project, but will always lose to a deadline that they must meet in order to pay those pesky bills. This fact means that you have to be creative in that time you have, you must come up with a solution.

These are just my thoughts and I know everyones will differ to mine. What do you think? Can creativity really flourish under time constraints?

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