We don’t deal with too many video briefs, so seeing a really well put together piece like this makes us quite happy. We also enjoy football, so that helps too!

As all football lovers know, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is approaching fast. With coverage from the BBC across the whole event, and a massive potential audience to enthral with the funny ol’ game, it is no wonder that the BBC is making such an effort to grab and keep the publics attention.

The first instalment in the progressive story (more to be seen!) has has already got me hooked. The story follows four ‘flick football’ players on their magical adventure to the World Cup in Brazil.

Created by Red Bee and Aardman Animation, the campaign aims to draw the audiences attention by combining live action film and animation. The end result is rather fantastic, bubbling up childhood memories of table-top football tournaments where the only boundary was your imagination (and your flicking ability). Tripping down memory lane while also looking towards the upcoming tournament is a fantastic mixture of emotions. A really great piece of advertising in my opinion.